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BBB is a professional billing service dedicated to meeting all of the insurance and patient billing needs of your practice or business.  We offer a variety of personalized services, which can meet the needs of most any type of specialty.  Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual, small group practices, full service DME/HME companies and many other billing applications.
Durable Medical Equipment is the area where our years of experience can benefit you.

"Maximize cash flow while minimizing your bureaucratic headaches."

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Durable Medical Equipment Billing and only billing. We do not process claims as a extension of our business…it is our business. You get complete dedication to the operation of your account at all times. Let our experienced staff serve your early need.

Services for  DME/HME Companies


The goal of BBB is to maximize cashflow by providing a full service billing center and continuous follow-up to make sure every claim is paid properly so that the medical care provider's money will arrive faster and more efficiently. We are confident that your practice will benefit from our services. Let us give you and your staff more time to attend to the more important aspects of your practice.












Billing Services Includes......for DME/HME Companies

A. Medicare electronic claims submissions thru batch work information data entry, processing of information provided by client through submitted form designed by BBB to specification or use of client forms..

B. Generate electronic claims for Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Insurance Carriers as well as Patient, Private Pay, and Institutional Invoices. These documents will be printed and mailed.

C. Generate Prescriptions/CMN’s and return mail them to the Customer.

D. Post all payments and adjustments received from the Customer.

E. Print and mail "End of Month" reports to the Customer consisting of...

Report Writer Laser

Sales Analysis Debit Sales Report Payments & Adjustments
Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts Report Patient List

and over 300 other reports available...

  • Insurance verification •Claims follow-up •Paper back-up for electronic claims •Posting of Payments •Collections
  • Why Choose BBB's Services......
  • For a consistently Reliable, Fast and Aggressive billing staff without the high costs of paying for salaries, benefits, and supplies.
  • Avoid the headaches and costs of employee turnover.
  • Constant changes in coding and insurance regulations make billing very complex. You need a biller who is dedicated to staying up-to-date by attending classes and seminars on the latest billing issues.
  • A staff may be preoccupied with office duties. You need professionals who will focus on one job only--getting you your money quickly.
  • You maintain control of your money. Checks are sent directly to you.

Do you know your costs? Let our service center perform and Office Profile Analysis and Cost Study Comparison.







The Benefits that our service and Electronic Billing
will make to your business or practice.....



•Electronic Billing provides for quicker reimbursements improve your cash flow immediately.

Because our service center processes your claims electronically you will be reimbursed more timely than by the conventional mail method. Also, by submitting error free claims, we improve the turnaround time for reimbursement. We eliminate neglected, late and inaccurate insurance and patient billing. Electronic claims processing by our service center can reduce average payment from months to days.


Proper coding is the only way to be assured that your practice is being reimbursed at the best level possible!

REDUCE PAPERWORKClick to view image details

We will process all claims to Medicare, Medicaid, the Blues and commercial carriers. We simply enter your patients' data into our system and transmit the information to the clearinghouse for edit and direct processing to the insurance companies.

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•Faster, easier, less confusing, and more accurate than paper billing.

By simply posting a transaction we store and prepare the information necessary to complete and print and insurance form, statistical reports and monthly statements…saving your staff hours of precious time.

ELIMINATES ERRORSClick to view image details

•Reduces errors almost completely!

Our system possesses on-the-spot editing and audit features, making it next to impossible to make a mistake. Claim rejection as a result of inaccurate coding, creating slow reimbursement, is a problem of the past.


By shortening your reimbursement cycle, reducing administrative and clerical cost and eliminating postage you can justify our services in no time. Considering our affordable fees and our dedication to service we are truly a benefit to your practice.









Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing...

•Consistent Service (No Vacations, Sick Days, or Turnover)

•Consistent Cashflow (Due To Immediate Claims Filing)

•Happier Patients •Continuous Follow-up

•Independent Oversight Of Billing Activities

•Check and Balance With Office Activities

•Able to Service Providers In All States